Ali Baba’s Restaurant Opens on Jost Van Dyke!

February 12th, 2018

Ali Baba's Restaurant Jost Van Dyke

Good news for all who know and love Ali Baba’s Restaurant and Heavenly Rooms on Jost Van Dyke. Owner’s Baba and Urinthia has announced that they are once again open for business. Like most places on Jost Van Dyke, Ali Baba and Urinthia’s home, restaurant, bar, and heavenly rooms were destroyed by Irma. Their courage in taking on the task of rebuilding is as admirable as their resilience, determination, and unshakeable faith in God. Next time you visit Jost Van Dyke stop in at Ali Baba’s for some great company and a delicious meal.

Ali Baba’s Restaurant & Heavenly Rooms; +1 284-544-5602

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