BVI Releases Guide to “Gold Seal Certification” for Accommodations and Businesses!

November 8th, 2020

BVI Gold Seal Certification Guide

On November 6th, the BVI Government announced the release of “BVI Tourism Reopening Guide.” The guide outlines the pertinent requirements, training and protocols regarding obtaining “Gold Seal Certification” prior to the reopening of the Territory on December 1st. Interested persons can access the document on the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board’s website at

Click Here for the Guide

For more information on the Gold Seal COVID-19 Industry Training, email the BVI Tourist Board at [email protected] or call 852-6020.

Steps to Obtaining Gold Seal Certification

There are two components  to a property or business becoming “Gold Seal Certified.”

1 – Training: Gold Seal COVID-19 Staff Training- Two-hour Staff Training conducted by the BVI Tourist Board in conjunction with Aquila Center for Cruise Excellence, the exclusive training partner of the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA). Required for persons working in the Tourism sector who interact with guests, including: the entire marine sector, those who host land activities, Taxi Operators, Tour Guides, Vendors, and Retail Workers. The guide includes a link to a registration form for training.

2 – Inspections: To ensure the compliance of health and safety protocols, inspections will be required for ALL businesses serving the tourism sector. Inspections will be scheduled through the BVI Tourist Board and conducted by a team headed by the Environmental Health Division. The Gold Seal inspection and certification MUST be passed and issued for all areas of your business to open in order to serve international visitors. The guide includes a link to a registration form for inspections.

Tourism Sector Guides

On page 7 of the guide (screenshot below) there are links to specific guides for each industry sector.

BVI Industry Sector Protocols




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