Try the Locals’ Favorite Patties at Crandall’s Pastry Plus!

January 24th, 2019

Crandall's Pastry Plus Road Town Tortola

For nearly 35 years, Crandall’s Pastry Plus, located across from Road Reef Plaza, just west of Road Town, has been a favorite spot for fresh-baked breads and local dishes such as curried chicken, roti, and stewed mutton. But they’re arguably best-known for their patties and Johnny cakes – two varieties of savory fried dough, filled with ground and spiced beef, chicken, veggies, saltfish, or conch.

Patties and Johnny cakes are a local staple for breakfast on the go or for a quick, hearty lunch, and Crandall’s is the perfect place to grab them on-the-run. Or, for those who prefer to dine more leisurely, Crandall’s has a small dining area inside and picnic tables outside.

Crandall’s Pastry Plus: +1 284-494-5156

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