Effective May 15th BVI to Reduce Quarantine for Vaccinated Visitors!

April 23rd, 2021

BVI Minister Carvin Malone

On April 23rd, the Honourable Carvin Malone, Minister for Health and Social Development made an official statement regarding changes to the existing border requirements as follows:

Quarantine to Be Reduced to One Day for Fully Vaccinated Visitors

First, he announced that the quarantine would be reduced to what amounts to one day for fully vaccinated travelers stating, “Effective 15th May 2021, fully vaccinated persons travelling from overseas would require a PCR test within five (5) days of travel, provide satisfactory evidence of being fully vaccinated, and will be subject to a PCR test upon arrival (day zero). Fully vaccinated persons will be quarantined until a negative test result is received from the BVI Health Services Authority. In other words, if the test administered on arrival returns a negative result, the fully vaccinated traveler will be immediately released from quarantine (unless they have been in close contact with a positive case).”

Quarantine to Be Eliminated for Fully Vaccinated Day Trippers

Second, he announced the elimination of any type of quarantine for fully vaccinated persons in the BVI who day-trip to the USVI, ST. Martin or Puerto Rico stating, “Cabinet also decided that effective 15th May 2021, fully vaccinated persons who have been present in the Virgin Islands for a period of more than fourteen (14) consecutive days and travel to the USVI, St. Martin, or Puerto Rico for a period not longer than 24 hours are exempted from quarantine and the COVID-19 test upon re-entering the Territory. However, day-trippers to these neighboring jurisdictions would be required to take a PCR test seven (7) days after returning to the Territory.”

This is great news for the territory and hopefully will result in a substantial increase in visitors to the BVI.

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BVI Reduces Quarantine

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