COVID-19 Update – Testing and Quarantining of Returning Nationals Continues!

June 30th, 2020

BVI COVID-19 Update on Returning Nationals

Here is an excerpt from the June 26, 2020 statement by the Deputy Premier and Minister for Health and Social Development the Honourable Carvin Malone regarding the return of nationals to the BVI.

He stated, “The phased and restricted reopening of the borders in the Virgin Islands continues where, except as authorised otherwise, only nationals, belongers, holders of permanent residence, and naturalised citizens of the Virgin Islands are being allowed entry into the Territory through the Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport, at this time. Our airport is open. Our people are coming home after a long wait. It is likely that we may have people who have been exposed to COVID-19 returning. We have protocols in place for dealing with such occurrences.

To date, 268 nationals have returned to the Virgin Islands since the restricted border reopening. It is important to note that tests are done on returning nationals.

The Ministry of Health has conducted testing on 169 returning residents and ALL test results of these residents have been returned negative.

Currently there are 110 persons in quarantine. This number includes 99 nationals 11 immigrants who, as reported by the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, entered the Territory illegally and were intercepted on the island of Prickly Pear. As reported in the House of Assembly on Friday, 439 persons have been tested as of 26 June.

The Ministry of Health continues to ensure that all persons returning to the Territory undergo a full 14 days of quarantine where they are monitored for any symptom development. Persons are only released after successfully completing 14 days of quarantine and testing negative.”

BVI COVID-19 Update 6-28-20

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