Tommy Gaunt Kitesurfing is the BVI’s Premier Kite School!

February 16th, 2019

Tommy Gaunt Kitesurfing Anegada BVI

Tommy Gaunt Kitesurfing was established in 2014 by international pro kiter Tommy Gaunt. They are a professionally run kitesurfing school based at Keel Point, Anegada, BVI. Working alongside the Anegada Beach Club makes for the ideal place for kiteboarding. With only a 100 yard walk from the hotel, bar and restaurant, overlooking a huge, windy bay, with ocean so clear it could bring a tear to your eye.

The kite school is located on the north shore of Anegada, with its white sandy coast lines, crystal clear waters and shelter provided by the world’s fourth largest Great Barrier Reef. This offers them a variety of conditions right at their finger tips – waist deep water perfect for teaching, flat water spots for freestyle and waves breaking over the outer reef for the more experienced wave riders.

Their highly professional, yet fun service, allows clients to enjoy activities to the fullest. offers:

  • Kiteboarding
  • Stand-up Paddle
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkelling

Tommy Gaunt Kitesurfing:

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