Here We Go Again… The Willy T is Getting Booted From its New Home!

November 11th, 2018

Willy T Floating Bar Peter Island BVI

According to a recent article in the BVI Beacon, the Willy T is getting the boot again. This time from its new home off Peter Island. The following is an excerpt from the article.

“Only about six months after it settled into its new home off Peter Island, the iconic Willy T floating restaurant and bar is being asked to move yet again, according to co-owner Ewan Anderson. Around the beginning of October, the business received a letter from the Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs, stating that due to “objections” from Peter Island Ltd., the vessel had three months to vacate its current location. Yesterday, an attorney representing Peter Island wrote to the Willy T saying that the company stood by government’s decision, Mr. Anderson said. The boat has until the end of December to leave, he added.”

As for where the Willy T will go next, Mr. Anderson isn’t sure as he stated in the article, “It’s called being in limbo — in between a rock and a hard place. Thirty-five years here and I’m a little jaded,” he said. “We’re frustrated. It’s a BVI icon. It’s what tourists come here to visit.” Rumor has it the Willy T may leave the BVI for good.

Read the Full Article in the BVI Beacon

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