Great News for All Wannabe Pirates & Fans of the Willy T… The William Thornton Has Found a New Home at Peter Island!

May 15th, 2018

Willy T Floating Bar Peter Island

LATEST UPDATE IN THE WILLY T SAGA: Finally… From bad news to great news for all wannabe pirates and fans of the Willy T all over the world! The owners of the William Thornton floating bar and restaurant have been working with the BVI government and have announced that they have agreed on a new location for the Willy T to operate. According to a statement in BVI News, the Willy T’s owner, Ewan Anderson said, “We are pretty well confirmed to be definitely moving. We are not going to be in The Bight [but] at Great Harbour on Peter Island.” In addition, he said, “It will be ok. It’s another location, it’s on the water, and it’s good for tourism — good for Great Harbour.” On May 15th the Official Willy T Fan Club Facebook page posted the following message. They wrote, “Sooo, when are you all going to come see us over at GREAT HARBOUR on Peter Island??!! This is our new home!! We’re in the process of finalizing all the required permits as we speak. Hope to have that all accomplished this week! Looking forward to seeing everyone over at Great Harbour!! It’s been too long…”

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PREVIOUS UPDATE ON THE WILLY T: Bad news for Willy T fans and wannabe pirates all over the world… One of the territory’s main tourist attractions, the Willy T floating restaurant and bar, is being kicked out of its usual location. Premier Orlando Smith and Hon Archibald Christian, Junior Minister for Tourism, reportedly have told owner of the Willy T to find new location in order to make way for a new development on Norman Island!

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ORIGINAL REPORT: The Official Willy T Fan Club has just confirmed what you all want to hear. They reported, “The William Thornton floating bar is finally on her way back home! The Willy T should arrive back at the Bight at Norman Island sometime between May 13th – 15th! We are looking forward to seeing all of our friends and family from all over… it’s been too long! See you soon! BVI Strong!” The Willy T floating bar and restaurant has been one of the top tourist attractions in the BVI for over than 35 years. The new Willy T will be bigger and better than ever. The replacement vessel is almost an exact replica of the previous boat, just a bit larger. It will continue to operate in the same place as before, on the south-west corner of The Bight off Norman Island.

The William Thornton: +1 284-340-8603

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