On the 2 Year Anniversary of Irma the BVI is Looking Pretty Good!

September 6th, 2019

Road Town Tortola BVI 2 Years After Irma

Since the hurricanes struck, BVI Traveller has been covering the recovery effort with daily reports on businesses that have rebuilt and reopened for tourists. With reports on over 500 businesses completed and over 650,000 visits to its web site, it is now widely recognized that BVI Traveller has played a significant role in the recovery of the BVI tourism sector. Consistent and positive coverage has convinced visitors to book yacht charters and stays in hotels and villas rather than cancel their plans to return.

Two years later, the BVI is looking pretty good as evidenced by the sheer number of businesses that have reopened. Looking back to December 2017, shortly after Irma struck, we can see that our lists of places open for business have grown significantly since then:

  • Hotels, Resorts & Villas open have increased from 45 to 225
  • Charter Companies, Marinas & Watersports Companies open have increased from 40 to 93
  • Restaurants & Bars open have increased from 75 to 154

According to BVI Traveller’s estimates the sailing charters, villa rentals and restaurants sectors are all over 90% recovered. The hotel and resort sector, however, lags far behind at only a little over 50% recovered. There is still a lot of rebuilding going on and most of the higher end resorts remain closed.

Everyone in the BVI should be proud of what has been nothing short of a momental accomplishment. The territory has come a long way as evidenced by the post Irma photo below.

Road Tortola BVI After Irma

Photo top: Courtesy of Dame Peters (taken 8/13/19)
Photo bottom: Courtesy of The BVI Beacon (taken shortly after Irma)

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