The BVI Reborn… a “MUST SEE” Video!

June 17th, 2018

Nine months after hurricanes Irma and Maria devasted the BVI, The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board has released a MUST SEE video heralding the resilience of the territory and its residents.

They said, “Nine months ago the British Virgin Islands were struck by the largest and strongest hurricanes in the Atlantic basin in recorded history. From the moment after it’s passing the resilience and determination of our people stood tall, side by side in the efforts of coming together and rebuilding our beautiful islands and our home that we love to share with everyone.

We do not want to continue referring to the hurricanes as we wish to continue that path forward that we are on, as one, but never forgetting how strong nature can be. This video shot a few weeks ago represents the strength of our people, the beauty of our islands, the breathtaking nature above and below the beautiful azure seas that makes us the “Sailing Capital of the Caribbean”, but we like to say, The World. This film represents the roots of who we are as a destination and the spirit of the people.

We want to share this video and our home with all of you. And we also wish to thank the responders after the events of September, the guests who visit annually and still came in support whether it was with relief efforts or to simply come back to see your friends and those that have become family. We dedicate this to all of you. It’s been nine months, today the British Virgin Islands are Reborn.”

#OneBVI #BVILove #bvireborn

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