Now Is the Time to Visit Anegada!

June 24th, 2018

Cow Wreck Beach Bar and Restaurant on Anegada

Anegada was fortunate, in that it escaped the full force of the hurricanes Irma and Maria. As a result, most of the hotels and beach bars have made the necessary repairs and are open for business. This season is a great time to visit Anegada with dozens of secluded beaches including Loblolly Bay and Cow Wreck Beach. The island is also home to flamingos, rock iguanas and rare plant species like sea lavender. Offshore, Horseshoe Reef is rich in marine life and dotted with shipwrecks. Anegada is definitely ready for visitors now!

Hotels, Villas & Restaurants Open for Business:

Anegada Beach Club Hotel & Restaurant

Anegada Beach Cottages

Anegada Reef Hotel & Restaurant

Big Bamboo Restaurant & Villas

Cow Wreck Beach Bar & Restaurant

EA’s Sweet Tooth

Four Diamonds Park Villas

J&R Anegada Villa Rental

Keel Point Cottages

Lavenda Breeze Villa

Neptune’s Treasure Hotel & Restaurant

Potter’s By the Sea

The Lobster Trap

The Wonky Dog​

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