Taddy Bay Airport on Virgin Gorda to Re-open by Mid-September 2018!

August 2nd, 2018

Taddy Bay Airport on Virgin Gorda

On July 16th the Government of the Virgin Islands posted the following update on the status of the airport on Virgin Gorda:

Update On The Closure Of Taddy Bay Airport, Virgin Gorda

The BVI Airports Authority hereby informs the travelling public that we are diligently working towards re-opening the Taddy Bay Airport, Virgin Gorda by the middle of September 2018.

We have thus far sourced a rapid intervention fire fighting vehicle out of the United States which is currently being refurbished to meet our regulatory requirements. Two technicians from the Authority are currently in South Carolina overseeing the refurbishment of the vehicle and are also gaining practical experience on the operation thereof.

Additionally, arrangements are being made to resurface the runway in preparation for the arrival of the new fire vehicle, and plans for a new building to house the said vehicle have already been approved by the Town and Country Planning Department.
We endeavor to keep you, the public, apprised of the development at the Taddy Bay Airport and a further update will be given in August.

The BVI Airports Authority apologises for any inconvenience caused due to the closure of the Taddy Bay Airport and thank you, the public, for your indulgence as we seek to ensure that safety is maintained at all times.

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