Best of BVI Boats Provides First Hand Account of Sailing in the BVI After Irma!

December 3rd, 2017

Best of BVI Boats

Best of BVI Boats offers a wide range or crewed charter yachts, specializing in the BVI. Trudi King from Best of BVI told me that their clients were one of the first to charter in the BVI after Irma setting sail at the beginning of November. At the the end of the trip they provided the following account of how much they were welcomed throughout the islands: “The people were amazing. Everywhere we went we were thanked for not canceling our charter. We stopped by Foxy’s on Friday evening and we were just the second group of tourists to be there since the storm. Besides the six locals, we were the only ones there, but they were so happy and grateful that we stopped. Leon Miller, the bartender, actually invited us over to a relief fundraiser/party they were throwing at what was left of Ivans on Sunday. We went and had probably the best day of the trip. We kept getting thanked over and over for not canceling the charter. On Monday we docked at Leverick Bay to try and buy ice. The dock worker literally had tears in his eyes because we were the first non-relief boat to be there since Irma. You can tell everyone just wants to get back to normalcy.”

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