Bitter End Yacht Club Ramps Up Construction for Year End Opening!

October 24th, 2020

Bitter End Yacht Club Construction Continues

Bitter End Yacht Club Managing Owners Richard Hokin and his daughter Lauren reported recently that BEYC is still targeting a debut of its first phase by the end of 2020. According to the owners, they had to pause their redevelopment activity for several weeks due to COVID-19 shutdown, but the rebuilding project is well underway again and the resorts 64 acres and mile of shoreline are buzzing with activity.

The first phase of Bitter End 2.0, as the Hokins call it, will debut all new world-class marina facilities to include a two-story, open-air marina complex featuring an all-new lounge with expansive views of the North Sound and setting sun, enhanced amenities such as marina-wide WIFI, upgraded bathing facilities and hospitality offerings that will make even the most sea-worn sailor feel right at home.

That will be followed by a new Clubhouse, a new Club Fleet, a new boutique and a new general store, followed by plans for a return of the resort itself.

This is welcome news for all those who know and love BEYC!

Bitter End Yacht Club: +1 800-872-2392 | [email protected]


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