Learn to Sail or Sail Better with Caribbean Sailing Coach in BVI!

June 16th, 2018

Caribbean Sailing Coach BVI

Michael Domican, owner of Caribbean Sailing Coach, provided the following update. He reported, “Caribbean Sailing Coach provides a sailing tuition/coaching service geared to teaching visitors to bareboat yachts in the BVI. We want everyone to know that we are ready to help people learn to sail or sail better in the turquoise waters and warm winds of the Caribbean.”

Caribbean Sailing Coach can help you learn how to sail — or sail more confidently — with a credentialed, experienced and friendly instructor who has the passion and patience to share. Whether you’re new to sailing and want to ‘learn the ropes’, or you’ve been sailing for years but want to develop more confidence, they’ll coach you on specific skills at your own pace and comfort level. They’ll help you find the perfect charter yacht for your needs and budget and coach you along to the level that you’re comfortable commanding it. They can also coach you on your own private or charter fleet vessel, if it’s here in the Caribbean. You’ll learn as much as much as you want and at the pace that suits you best.

Caribbean Sailing Coach: +1 284-542-3212 | [email protected]

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