Let Charter Specialists Help You Cruise the BVI!

April 30th, 2018

Charter Specialists BVI Sailing Brokers

Just got an update from Judy Ashley at Charter Specialists. She reported, “Wanted to let you know Charter Specialists has specialized in British Virgin Island Charters for over 24 years with thousands of repeat charter clients who wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else for the most magical holiday experience of their lives. Since the storms many of our clients have shipped much needed supplies and spent hundreds of man-hours helping rebuild the islands they love. We are definitely open for business and there are so many new and wonderful yachts to choose from, as well as the vast majority of our most popular yachts are ready to welcome guests. Our recent charter guests report what we know to be a fact…the waters are still crystal clear; the beaches are still amazing, the crowds are gone and the people of the islands are the friendliest in the Caribbean!”

Charter Specialists: +1 386-454-1261

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