Nanny Cay Continues its Amazing Rebuild with Sixty New Docks in its Outer Marina!

March 6th, 2018

Nanny Cay's New Outer Marina

A picture is worth a thousand words and the one below says it all. You would not know there had been a hurricane at all by looking at Nanny Cay today. Simply a amazing rebuild done amazingly fast in just 5 short months. Recently Nanny Cay reported the following update. They said, “Sixty docks have arrived and are being installed in the undamaged outer marina, this will give us just over 100 slips here. We will also be making provisions for “med mooring” along the bulkhead the inner marina – tying boats up stern-to along the quay of the inner marina with moorings for the bows. Businesses continue to open at Nanny Cay.”

Nanny Cay Hotel & Marina: +11 284-394-2512 | [email protected]

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