You Will Not Believe How Road Town Looks One Year After Irma!

October 21st, 2018

Irma, Then and Now: Photos from around Road Town

YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THESE PHOTOS! In a recent article in the BVI Beacon they wrote, “Road Town was devastated by Hurricane Irma, but the capital is building back in leaps and bounds. Scroll down to compare scenes captured shortly after Hurricane Irma to the same scenes captured in recent weeks.”

Irma, Then and Now: Photos from around Road Town is a gallery of then-and-now photos chronicling the changes in the capital city on Tortola since Hurricane Irma. Amazing work by Freeman Rogers and the staff at The BVI Beacon.

If you’re thinking of vacationing in the Caribbean, this is why you should come (or come back) to the BVI. It’s not perfect – as you’ll see even in some of these “now” photos, but they’ve made incredible progress all over the island after last year’s devastating hurricane season. One thing that really stands out is the resilence of nature – stripped of all their leaves during Irma, the trees and bushes have rebounded nicely and the island is once again a beautiful tropical green.

See All the Before & After Photos

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