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If you are in your 20s or 30s and want a full-on adventure that offers world-class sailing instruction, Sailing Virgins is the company to talk to. Offering ASA and NauticEd programs, Sailing Virgins is the highest rated sailing academy in the Caribbean. Its 7-day, fast-track, live-aboard courses have you sailing between bays in the BVI, or for the more advanced courses, between islands in the Caribbean. If you are wanting to level up before your adventure, Sailing Virgins has its own free sailing tips channel on YouTube.

Four Reasons to Choose Sailing Virgins

Awesome Instructors: We pull from a network of over 300 skippers from The Yacht Week and only select the best in terms of sailing competency, teaching ability and soft skills. All our instructors have at least two ocean crossings under their belt, and have their RYA Instructor qualifications – the best in the industry. We love our instructors and think you will too.

Incredible Location: The British Virgin Islands are legendary for their consistent “Goldilocks” breeze: perfect conditions for sailing. Combining that with some of the top beaches in the world – and crystal clear waters – makes for an incredible spot to learn how to sail.

Global Network of Adventurous Young People: Sailing Virgins only caters to people in their 20s and 30s. As such the network is legendary. Your Sailing Virgins experience shouldn’t end once your course is over. With a network of several hundred like-minded, adventurous young people, we have a network you can tap into for your next sail or bareboat charter adventure (ask about our sponsored alumni weeks).

We Keep it Relaxed: Our instruction is chilled. We differentiate between yelling in excitement when racing (a good thing), and shouting when bringing a boat in (not great). We will teach you to be a relaxed, expert skipper. We allow our students to learn by doing and by making mistakes.

Our Fleet

When upping your sailing game, the boat you train on is important. Many schools prefer to give tired old boats to students. However at Sailing Virgins we love to sail. We ourselves prefer to sail good boats than slow old cruisers. And we figure that if you’re improving your skills, you would prefer to do it on a decent boat. For this reason our flagship boat is Libertas, a Beneteau First 40 Racer/Cruiser. We also have a variety of other boats in our fleet that we can call upon if you’re interested such as luxury catamarans, performance cats, and composite monohulls.

Fleet Information

  • Beneteau First 40 Racer/Cruiser
  • Luxury Catamarans
  • Composite Monohulls



Learn to Sail in the Beautiful Caribbean with Sailing Virgins!

January 23rd, 2020

James Kell, one of the founders, of Sailing Virgins provided the following update. He remarked, "If you are in your 20s or 30s, want a full-on adventure that offers a 'vacation with a qualification', come...

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