Territory-Wide Derelict Vehicle Removal Initiative is On!

February 9th, 2020

Derelict Vehicle Removal BVI

This is great news for the territory. The BVI Government has gotten serious about removing derelict vehicles and other bulky metal debris from around the islands. A majority of the abandoned vehicles are a result of hurricane Irma, but many existed before Irma hit. This is good news for the BVI as the wrecked cars and debris have been a major eyesore and a real negative for tourism.

The loading of derelict vehicles on to barges to be shipped out of the territory continues at the clean up site in Pockwood pond. The sheer volume of vehicles is quite sobering. The effort is currently underway on Tortola, Virgin Gorda and all other islands in the the BVI.

The Department of Waste Management (DWM) pays $80 for each derelict vehicles that is delivered to the temporary derelict vehicle site in Pockwood Pond. Property owners and persons with derelict vehicles that need to be removed can call or WhatsApp photos and detailed information about the derelict vehicle(s) and their location. The removal of the derelicts will be done at no cost to the owner.

Contact Information for reporting and arranging for removal of derelicts the the DWM office is as follows:
Phone: 468-4934 or 468-4935. Available Monday to Friday from 830am to 430pm.
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: 468-9030

Photo courtesy of Maddox photography

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