VI Plastics Needs Your Help with Crowdfunding Campaign to Recycle More Plastics in the BVI!

October 2nd, 2020

VI Plastics Recycling BVI

VI Plastics is running a crowdfunding campaign to purchase additional equipment and manufacturing tools so we can process a greater volume of plastics and increase our production efficiency. The volume of plastics being collected in the BVI has increased rapidly as more and more people are participating in the We Recycle program. They need to grow to keep up!!

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About VI Plastics

VI Plastics is a social enterprise in the British Virgin Islands that processes plastics collected in the territory into beautiful outdoor products. Our business model focuses on generating sufficient revenue from the sale of products to continue recycling the territory’s plastics. We are proud to be a core partner in the country’s growing recycling system. The BVI recycling system is being led by the non-profit group, GreenVI. They have done wonderful work promoting the value of recycling, delivering awareness and education programming to schools and businesses and growing the infrastructure for the recycling system.. Through this broad awareness campaign, the volume of plastics being collected in the
territory is increasing rapidly (which is great!!) but VI Plastics needs to increase our processing capacity to keep up. We are raising funding through a crowdfunding campaign to purchase additional equipment and improve our manufacturing system so we can process a larger volume of plastics. Specifically, we will be purchasing a specialized machine that more efficiently processes plastic bags, repairing a machine that grinds plastic bottles so it can be used in Virgin Gorda and investing in professionally built ‘molds’ that we use to form the plastic
boards so we can increase our production speed.

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