TMM Yacht Charters Makes an Amazing Comeback, Forecasts Growth in 2019

September 2nd, 2018

TMM Yacht Charters

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TMM Yacht Charters has made an amazing comeback in the 10 months since hurricanes Irma and Maria hit the islands. As with all charter companies, TMM took a big hit from Irma with a large portion of their fleet either damaged or destroyed. Fast forward to July 2018 and things are looking much, much better at TMM. Barney and Lin Crook, owners of TMM Charters, reported that they had 36 boats pre-Irma, but as of July 2018 they are already back to 60% of their pre-Irma capacity with 21 boats in their fleet. “By year end we will be back to 100% of our pre-Irma capacity with 34 Catamarans and 2 Mono Hulls in the water”, they added. For the upcoming season, Barney and Lin are already looking ahead to a robust year for BVI charters saying that, “We have another 7 new cats on order for 2019.” Congratulations for a job well done and a great boost for tourism in the BVI!

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