Sail Away – Amazing Charters Can Find You a Crewed Charter Today!

October 26th, 2017

Amazing Charters BVI Crewed Charters

Ulla from Amazing Charters contacted me with a very good point about the upcoming sailing season. She said, “While many hotels and villas has been decimated and a huge part of the bareboat fleet is gone, there are still about 80% of the crewed yachts in business.” She goes on to say that “there is a permanent fleet of about 300 crewed yachts and about 70% of them are perfectly fine after being stored on shore or running away from the hurricanes. These yachts are not only for rock-stars and royalty, but for anyone who wants to sail the beautiful BVI. Rates start about $2100/week per person all inclusive!” Amazing Charters is open for business now!

Amazing Charters: +1 704-257-4766 | [email protected]

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